Hello wonderer ,I’m so happy you have chosen to be part of my life journey ! I created this wonder seekers blog for people like me who wants to live a more adventurous life everyday .On this blog I will share with you journey of my life, wanderlust and DIY creations.

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My name is Sabine, young soul with a desire to see the world.  I’m 22 years old Latvian girl who lives in England .I have learned that the journey isn’t about becoming a different person ,but loving who you are right now. So always remember that everything you need, your courage ,strength ,compassion and love ; everything you need is already within you. I love meditating ,traveling ,enjoying life ,cycling  ,modeling and creating .

I also own a small business called Flow or you can also find it in social media as bohoflowstore . I create dream catchers ,feather crowns and other crafty things, if you are interested feel free to check out my Etsy shop  !


Those who wander will never feel lost.
With love.

// Wonderseeker //