Vegan Places in Birmingham

vegan placesAs we all know veganism is more popular these days so we can find unique places where to try different vegan food.

Me and my boyfriend are vegan so we decided to explore some vegan places in Birmingham that we can share with you. Usually we cook vegan food at home or we order takeaway but I wanted to go and find some new , unique vegan places in Birmingham. I will list some of them below.

42448866_266307854016540_8571313593784467456_nIt’s a vegan and coffee shop in the heart of Birmingham, they have two locations. One in Birmingham City centre and the other in Jewellery Quarter. With food, drinks, board games, books and more . You will love 3 Threes it’s a super cute place. They have handmade vegan sandwiches, hot dogs, paninis, cakes and even vegan ice cream, the vegan ice cream tastes amazing, lots of different flavours. I have tried almost all of them, mango ,vanilla, caramel, banana, cookie dough, raspberry and cherry flavour, they also have bubblegum and mint chocolate chip. My favourite definitely is banana but unfortunately they don’t do it very often. The first time I went there me and my boyfriend got some hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, simple but classic. We now live close by so we been going there very often, they have many delicious cake options, specially vegan Bakewell tart!Nom! And recently they started to do great bagels, they have 4 different options. I tried Avocado with cream cheese and my boyfriend tried Chicken and bacon bagel. It’s a great place to meet your friends and have delicious food.

Opening Hours

17 – 19 Martineau Way, Birmingham B2 4UW

10 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, B18 6AQ

not dogs

Not Dogs is a lovely place in centre of Birmingham where all of their food can be made vegan,vegetarian or with meat. All of this started with two ladies who travelled around the UK in their little purple zig-zagged food truck selling Not Dogs. Their is two locations in UK, one in Birmingham and other in Chessington. They do different option not dogs, burgers, not pots ,milkshakes, waffle fries and nuggets, and you can even order the nuggets vegan option, they taste great! 

In the picture you can see some delicious hot dogs, one of them is called ”Plain Jane” 8” not dog topped with Heinz ketchup and french mustard. The other one was a special deal, Pizza not dog with some vegan cheese and herbs. We also got some vegan not dog nuggets and waffle fries. They do have some great options. Not Dogs also have take away food with great breakfast and lunch menu .

Chessington World of Adventures, Leatherhead road, KT92 NE

Linkstreet, Bullring, Birmingham B5 4BS


Cafe Soya is amazing place, my favourite place in Birmingham. I love the food, so many different options, meat,vegetarian and vegan, I don’t know how they manage to make fish,duck,beef,chicken and prawns vegan but they can. And it tastes pretty much the same. I love their food, I have tried many different options and I have never been disappointed. I always suggest this place to my family, friends. We even have monthly Sunday meet up with some of my friends in Cafe Soya, it’s a great place. I have my favourite dishes that I would suggest anyone to try, so from the starters my favourites are Veggie Pan Fried Dumplings for only £4.50,Vietnamese Veggie Steam Rolls for £4.80 and the best is Mock Crispy Aromatic Duck and Pancakes for £8.50. They also do great Veggie Platters(Veggie Dumplings, Veggie Prawn on Toast,Veggie Steam Rolls, Vietnamese Spring Rolls) for 2 people, for only £5.80 per person. From the mains my favourites are Veggie Chicken Noodles for £7.90 and Vegetarian Mock Dish with sweet and sour sauce, veggie chicken and fried rice without an egg for £10, the portions are massive that’s the best part. They also do delicious drinks, ice teas,smoothies,vegan milkshakes, desserts,vegan ice cream,takeaways and great lunch deals. Sometimes I end up there few times a week, it’s definitely worth it.

Opening hours

The Arcadian 70 Hurst Walk, Birmingham, B5 4TD

Fressh is a place with delicious, wholesome plant-based food.36952831_2059936574039905_5111530558534451200_n They offer 100% vegan menu, all made from natural, fresh ingredients made from scratch. Fressh does also home deliveries, for lazy days when you don’t want to walk all the day to city centre. It’s a little shop in the heart of city centre. They have few different food options like burgers, salads, bagels, wraps, sandwiches and some delicious treats. I love their brownies, they are my favourites as well as sausage & cheese muffins, great breakfast snack.



Opening Hours

5 City Arcade, Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 4TX

If you are interest to visit more vegan places, here is some great vegan places in Madrid!

Exploring vegan places in Madrid


Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time.

With love!

// Wonderseeker //


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