Vegan Vibes in Latvia

37785700_2087498221283740_4378707347111936000_nLatvia is my home and always will be!

Here is my first post I wrote about it – Born and raised // Latvia //.


Riga is the capital and one of the many cities in Europe where veganism is slowly becoming more popular. Every year I try to go back home to see my family and friends but this year I had a company, my boyfriend decided to come with me, he wanted to see where I am from . I wanted to show him some of my favourite places and explore some new vegan places. I’m so happy I found my travel buddy. ooking forward for more adventures together.

As I mentioned in my latest post –Exploring vegan places in Madrid that veganism is becoming more and more popular in Europe I was quite surprised that even in Frankfurt’s airport they had some great vegan options. One of the shops we bought some delicious food was called Natural, they had some really great food. 


This was my first time being back home since I become vegan. The first few days was difficult to figure out what we can buy in the shops to eat. But because we were staying at my sisters house we got lucky she made us some delicious vegan food. She also showed us some vegan stuff we can buy in the shops, mostly sweets but those are my favourites.

We also went exploring some food places in Riga. One of the definitely became our favourite place and it was called ”Ezītis Miglā” – ”Hedgehog in the fog” it’s a bar and cafe all in one. They have great food options, meat, vegan and vegetarian. Delicious cocktails and board games. I have been going to this place for last 6 years, people are lovely, some of them are my friends that I know for a long time, always happy to go back home and visit this place. They do festivals in summers, beerpong championships and much more. You can look trough their options on the website – Hedgehog in the fog!

 We tried some of their vegan food options, spaghetti with sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms, tofu burger and the best potato balls.  You can see how happy we are when we got our food. All tasted amazing and the prices are really good for the food quality !

Besides Hedgehog in the fog we went to some other places to try vegan food. When we travel we always have to try vegan pizzas. We found some of the best ones in Riga. I actually was so excited to try some of them because in Birmingham we can’t get any of these vegan pizzas with interesting toppings. There is a great pizza place in Riga called Lulu pizza and you can get it all night long, that’s the place where people meet at nights after parties.

Here is 3 vegan pizza options they have, all of them taste great. Vegan pizza . They do also home deliveries and you can make your own mixed pizza with many different ingredients. We tried all 3 options they have- Korean pizza with Turkish peas, Korean carrots,Lulu special vegan sauce and vegan cheese. You can also choose different dough and add different toppings. The second vegan pizza they have is Veg-Rembo with Vegan cheese, tomatoes, soya minced meat, black peppers, green pebbles and red onion. And the last vegan pizza they have is called Vegan pizza with Vegan cheese, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, green olives and Lulu special sauce. I love all of them! 


Another lovely vegan place we went to was bagel place- Big Bad Bagels it’s actually first on TripAdvisor – BBB my friend told us about this place so we decided to check it out. 

37073975_2064906330209596_1689353994935205888_nHere you can find two of the vegan bagels they have to offer – Hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, grilled zucchini, greens bagel and Guacamole, grilled bell pepper, tomato, greens bagel we tried both and they tasted great. And you can choose any bagel bread flavour you like, chilli, olive, cheese and much more. They also do meat and vegetarian options, salads, sweet bagels and amazing smoothies. The place was so lovely, great atmosphere and friendly stuff. Because it’s rated the first on TripAdvisor you can also meet lots of tourists and have a lovely chat.

37578276_2079190545447841_6637270067841073152_nHere is one of my favourite cafes in Latvia, I love this place so much. The feeling I get when I walk in, amazing memories and the most kindness people that work there. We went there to get a delicious coffee, this place was one of my first ones on the list that I wanted to show my boyfriend. So it’s called-  TrakiMierigaCafe . They do the most amazing cakes, vegan and raw, cheesecakes, honey cakes, carrot cakes and much more. They sell Latvian handmade things, like candles, greeting cards, dream catchers and earrings. I was so surprised to see my dream catchers still hanging there. It’s like a little magic flower paradise when you walk in.

There is so many great places to visit but we didn’t have enough time, that’s for the next time! Here is some of our pictures from the lovely trip! We found lots of delicious sweets in the shops that were vegan, ice creams definitely was our favourites. We went to the beach, unfortunately I was the only one who went swimming.

Latvia is a great place to visit, so many cool places to see, beautiful views, lovely people and parties all night long. So if you ever decide to visit Latvia feel free to message me!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time.

With love!

// Wonderseeker //


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