Wonder always // Madrid //


” Spain is always a good idea ”

The beautiful views, the palm trees, the sunshine and delicious sangria. What can be better then that ?! Madrid is the perfect place to find all these things. This time I decided to explore Madrid, me and my boyfriend went there for 4 days, we had an amazing time . We found some great vegan places, bars, shops and much more.

First day we arrived to our little cute flat around 8pm so we had all evening to walk around and check out some places. We booked our flat through Airbnb. The price was good, the host was really lovely, location was perfect and the flat was nice and cosy. Here is the apartment we stayed at Madrid Airbnb and I suggest anyone who likes to travel to use Airbnb.


We unpacked some of our stuff and went to wonder around the city, we found this lovely vegan place not far from where we were staying. Amazing food and loveliest staff members, they were really helpful and understanding because we didn’t speak Spanish so the communication wasn’t the easiest but that’s fine because most of the people understand English anyway. The vegan place was called La Encomienda.


The second day we decided to wonder around centre, see some of the beautiful buildings, some food places, Puerta del Sol which is a public square in Madrid, one of the best known and busiest places in the city and in the evening we went check out some bars. 

Streets of Madrid, exploring some new places.


One of things you have to definitely try if you’re in Spain- churros, I love churros. They usually are served with chocolate sauce but because we are vegans our only option was plain churros but they still tasted really nice. And the best part is that you can find then on every corner.


Puerta del Sol was little bit busy so didn’t have a chance to take many photos.


After walking around we decided to find somewhere to eat and we found this unique vegan place, the food was amazing, the idea of the restaurant it self was so interesting. More about that in my next post- vegan places in Madrid.

Bacoa – Burger bar


And at the evening we checked out some of the bars in Lavapies, that is the location we were staying. We had some ciders,cocktails, homemade sangria and of course tequila shots, atmosphere was really nice. We didn’t find many places where they sell ciders, but they have a big selection with beers and cocktails.


Third day we decided to go explore different parts of Madrid. We went to this amazing Madrid Atocha railway station where I saw something I have never seen before, they have jungle inside the station, looked incredible!


We also went to one of the most beautiful parks Parque del Buen Retiro. The Buen Retiro Park is one of the largest parks of the city of Madrid.


After a long day of walking and exploring we wanted to find some vegan place where to have dinner. So we found this cute, little place called Viva Chapata. This place was my favourite from all of the vegan places we went to, they had so many different options, the food tasted amazing and every time we ordered something they gave us free tapas, how cool is that?! Well to be fair in every place we went to people gave us nuts,olives or other snacks but that is just the thing that you can expect in every bar,restaurant or cafe in Spain. I love it!

The first time we went to Viva Chapata we got some veggie pizza and we went back in the morning to have some breakfast, I ordered chapata bread filled with Spanish omelette and some fries. And my boyfriend ordered chapata bread filled with some veggies and vegan meat and of course some lemon ice tea!


And the last day we went to explore some more touristy places around the city, we went to Temple of Debod, San Francisco El Grande, Almudena Cathedral, Puerta de Toledo and we even found vegan paella. Paella is national Spanish dish so I really wanted to try some. I thought they wouldn’t do vegan option but we managed to find this cute little place that did vegan paella and it tasted amazing. The place was called Comete el mundo.

  • Temple of Debod – The Temple of Debod is an ancient Egyptian temple that was dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid.
  • San Francisco El Grande – The Royal Basilica of San Francisco el Grande is a Roman Catholic church in central Madrid.



  • And the lovely paella place Comete el mundo.


I absolutely loved this trip and if I have a chance to go back and explore more unique places I will . The city is beautiful and people were really friendly.

Exploring Vegan places in Madrid coming soon!


Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time.

With love!

// Wonderseeker //

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