Ghetto Golf // Birmingham //


Hello my lovely reader, as more as I wonder around Birmingham I find more interesting and unique places that I want to share with you .

One of them is Ghetto Golf. It’s a venue that offers 18 hole mini golf experience, unique and incredible graffiti artwork all around the place and amazing cocktail and beer options. They have great deals with vouchers or they also do cocktail masterclasses, how cool is that?! And prices are not that expensive as well. For now they only have to locations in England, one of them is in Liverpool and second is in Birmingham, I’m sure they will open more places like this all around England. People love it.


Here are their locations:

Birmingham Ghetto Golf-  Ghetto Golf Custard Factory,Gibb Street,Digbeth,B9 4AA

Liverpool Ghetto Golf- Ghetto Golf,Cains Brewery,Stanhope Street,L8 5XJ

Ghetto Golf

The name ”Ghetto Golf” is an ode to the origins of street art. In the 1960’s Daryl Mcray better known as ‘Cornbread’ began writing on street and subway walls in a Philadelphia ghetto leaving messages for a girl he was pursuing and trying to impress. Cornbread would simply write ‘Cornbread loves Cynthia’!

Here are some pictures of the adventure through 18 holes.

They also have Slims BBQ express, originating from Slims Pork Chop Express, the popular smokehouse on the edge of Liverpool’s Chinatown, and new Birmingham offering brings you a fun and unique British take on the American BBQ with Eastern influenced ingredients. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time.

With love!

// Wonderseeker //


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