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Dublin (1)Exploring Dublin – Guinness Storehouse!

Dublin is a beautiful place to visit. I went there to wonder around and see the beauty of it. It’s located in the heart of the St. James’s Gate Brewery, the Guinness Storehouse is Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction. It’s the home of the Black Stuff, the heart of Dublin and an unforgettable start to your Irish adventure. Guinness is my favourite beer so I couldn’t miss my opportunity to go. Me and my friends went there on Saturday morning, after long and fun night with some amazing people, but of course that morning was bit rough so I couldn’t even imagine myself drinking Guinness ! But we did and it tasted amazing.

Here is the link to their website if you want to check it out – Guinness Storehouse !

So lets start our Guinness Storehouse journey . First thing when you walk in you buy or print out your tickets and don’t forget the Guinness story booklet .

They have great a store where you can buy lots of different things with Guinness – food, snacks, clothes, souvenirs and much more.  

After you have seen all of that you start your Guinness journey , there are people who explain and tell stories about history and how the brewing process works or you can go and wonder around yourself .

From where it all began – with one man and £100 – to where they are now, they have been honing their craft since 1759. With over 20 world-class beers in production and exciting new brews being dreamt up daily by their ever-enterprising brewers, it’s no surprise that the Guinness® name is known and loved in 150 countries. But, no matter where it is brewed or served, you can be sure your Guinness is still inspired by the pioneering batches of their legendary stout, crafted at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, over 200 years ago.

It begins with barley. This malted barley forms the foundation of their beer, carefully crushed by their brew house mills then mixed with water from Poulaphouca Lake in County Wicklow. Water that’s heated and added to the freshly milled malted barley before the mixture is mashed to extract the brewing sugars. This mash then drops down into a kieve – or mash tun – that separates the grain from a liquid .

Raise your pint to the light and you’ll see how it glows. 232 degrees Celcius. That’s the temperature that transforms their barley into a black state of perfection. Any cooler and the beer won’t be as flavourful, any hotter and the barley catches fire.

“232 degrees. That’s the temperature that makes Guinness taste like Guinness.”

And then for another key ingredient: hops. These combine with the roasted barley to give Guinness its perfectly balanced flavour. After the hops are added, the sweet wort is then boiled for 90 minutes before leaving it to cool and settle.

The yeast captures the full freshness of every one of the painstakingly sourced ingredients, ensuring that the beer is perfectly fermented and charged with the flavour that’s made us famous across the globe. Maturation allows the beer to develop its perfectly balanced taste and consistency. Then nitrogen that brings their beer to life , this is added in the packaging process, where they ensure that Guinness have correct amount of bubbles in every pint.


And finally, before the beer can pass out through those famous gates – be it in a keg, can or bottle – every single batch of Guinness is tested by a Sensory Panel to ensure nothing leaves the brewery unless it tastes precisely as their expert brewers intended. And, no matter where it’s brewed or served, every single pint, bottle or can of Guinness adheres to the lofty standards set at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, the original birthplace of their beer.

After learning everything that you need to know about brewing process you can pour your own pint of Guinness .


And enjoy it in their beautiful roof top terrace with amazing view !

It’s a amazing experience , I suggest everyone to visit Dublin and Guinness Storehouse.

Their beers

Beers around the world


Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time.

With love!

// Wonderseeker //

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