Bars in Birmingham

img_9803Here are 10 of my favourite bars in Birmingham, hope you find this interesting. If you are visiting Birmingham definitely suggest you to check them out. Some of them are actually one of the best bars in Birmingham.

1. Prince of Wales // 118 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8EE
Prince of Wales is definitely one of my favourite bars of all time, I live very close to this bar so I’m there almost all the time . The atmosphere, people and staff are lovely. Myfavourite part is the outside garden, the Motiki bar with delicious cocktails. They have live music night every Friday nights and sometimes also Sunday nights. As well as they do so many amazing events, charity, Christmas, festivals and much more. They also have food van that serves amazing food, mostly only on weekends. I could go on and on about this lovely place.


2. Turtle Bay // 81-91 John Bright St,Birmingham,B1 1BL
Turtle bay is Caribbean restaurant that serves amazing Caribbean food and delicious drinks. I always go there to drink cocktails; they have happy hour every day until 7pm and then form 10pm until close. You can get two cocktails for one price. They are amazing, I think I have tried almost all of them and they do have a lot of different choices. The interior and atmosphere Caribbean style, they have Bob Marley painted on the wall and much more. I love reggae so every time I go there I just don’t want to leave.


3. Island bar // 14-16 Suffolk Street, Birmingham, B1 1LT
This amazing bar has an upstairs downstairs split, letting you choose from an evening in their eclectic main party room or the Hawaiian themed Tiki Bar upstairs. The cocktails are amazing and delicious. I love this type of bars that reminds me of Hawaii parties ,absolutely love it. They also offer cocktail making master-classes. And what with being voted one of the top 50 bars in the UK, how cool is that? Definitely check this bar out.


4. Dark Horse // 145 Alcester Road, Moseley,Birmingham,B13 8JP
As the same as I mentioned I live in Moseley and Prince of Wales is one of my favourite bars I could say the same of Dark Horse, they have the same owners so both of these places are amazing. People, atmosphere and staff. They also have live music nights andthey do so many different events downstairs and upstairs. Upstairs they have gigs and reggae nights. Every Monday night they do Jam Jah ,that is live reggae night and it’s amazing, I go there almost every Monday. They are really popular with their craft beer selection and they do American smokehouse BBQ menu as well as US style classics menu.


5. Walkabout // 226A-271 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2DS
Walkabout is a Australian bar with amazing drink and food menu. The interior actually looks like you could be in Australia chilling near the beach, and they have surfboards on walls. So cool. It’s also a sports bar, so you can watch your favourite games while sipping delicious drinks. They also have downstairs dance floor for weekend parties, it gets usually really busy on weekends but if you love dancing then definitely check this place out.


6. The Church // 22 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham. B18 6AQ
The Church is good place where to get best cocktails ,they taste amazing. As well as food, the food is really delicious. They also have lovely terrace upstairs and bar/dance floor downstairs. The Church has been in Birmingham for well over 100 years and now it is the new HQ of the Soul Food Project, I thinks that is so amazing.

7. The Lost & Found // 8 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5RS
The Lost & Found is a unique and captivating botanical themed bar in Birmingham City Centre that will dazzle your senses. A must-visit bar for those looking for something a little different, The Lost & Found oozes Victorian charm and cocktail creations. They have lovely inside botanical garden atmosphere and they also do private parties in secret room. The Lost & Found do amazing and unique cocktails, you have to try them. They taste so good.


8. Tilt bar // 2 City Arcade, Birmingham, B2 4TX
Tilt is a modern Craft Beer and Coffee Bar in city centre. Great place where to go with friends and have a good time. Amazing choice of craft beers, you will definitely find something you like. They also have multiple pinball machines, so good time guaranteed. They have many different events and pinball competitions.


9. The Jekyll and Hyde // 28 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham B4 6BJ
From the Alice in Wonderland themed outside garden and sophisticated VictorianParlour upstairs, the bar is cool and quirky. Perfect specially for gin and cocktail lovers. They have more than 90 different gins to choose from. The cocktails look and taste amazing. They also do quiz nights, cocktail classes, film club nights and gin nights. You definitely have to visit this place, the paintings on the walls with Alice from Wonderland looks really good.

10. The Botanist // 14-16 Temple Street, Birmingham, B2 5BG
This bar is offering one of the most unique and interesting interiors in the whole city it’s really vintage and super lovely. They do amazing cocktails. When it comes to the food at The Botanist, the menu consists of many modern takes on British classics. It’s also in city centre so you don’t have to travel far.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time .

With love!

// Wonderseeker //


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