Zen // Crystal shop

img_9894Zen magic, one of the most beautiful shops I have ever seen.

Zen shop has gone from strength to strength opening a Moseley branch in 1998 focusing on crystal healing. Zen could be described as a home for all aspects of spirituality for the mind, body & soul.

TZen shop (8)he incredible smells of incense are the first thing to hit you as you enter the treasure trove of beautiful Buddhas, Tibetan artifacts, gorgeous handmade crystal jewellery, crystal gemstones, mind opening books, herbal tinctures and teas, aromatherapy oils, Tarot cards and Zen shop (3)much much more.

This shop is such an spiritual journey, the also do crystal healing , workshops, inspiring book reading and meditational classes. I can’t even describe the feeling that I have when I go inside, it’s amazing.  I always go there to buy crystals, books, incense sticks and candles.  You can find these two shops in Birmingham. One of them is in Moseley and the other one is in Digbeth.


Here you can also join some classes – http://www.thezenshop.co.uk/events-and-workshops

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time.

With love!

// Wonderseeker //

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