Autumn lookbook 🍂

Hello my lovely reader , I decided to share with you some of my autumn outfits . This is the time of the year where I always wear layers of clothes , to make sure I’m not cold. I live in England and usually it’s really windy and rainy . Just all together so there’s no such a thing as too many layers in this time of the year .

So here is some of my favourite this autumn outfits!

autumn vibes (1)Unicorn shirt from lovely Lamala design. Backpack/sunglasses/body spray from Primark. Jeans from Forever21. Jacket from thrift shop and I’m not sure where I got those shoes.Lookbook (5)Fringe leather jacket from Boohoo, blue velvet dress from thrift shop, hat from Primark, boots from H&M and holographic bag I bought in Amsterdam. Lookbook (4)Hat from thrift shop (Cow Vintage), backpack from Primark ,sunglasses from thrift shop in Amsterdam , skirts from Primark, leather jacket from Boohoo ,shirt from Alien clothing.  Lookbook (3)I love bright colours, jacket from thrift shop, jeans from Primark, shoes New Balance, Coca Cola shirt I bought in Nicosia, not sure what was the shop. Lookbook (2)Super colorful scarf from H&M, shoes from New Balance , pink jacket from thrift shop, bag from Primark ,One Wolf shirt from Latvian shop ( One Wolf ).Lookbook (1)Boots and burgundy scarf from H&M, unicorn shirt from Lamala design , Jacket from Primark.

I do love buying clothes in thrift shops, I will write another post but just about clothes I bought in thrift shops. ❤ 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time.

With love!

// Wonderseeker //

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