Life is a beautiful journey

img_9848Hey my lovely reader, this is kinda my love story.

All started in May when I got back from my holiday . I was travelling from Latvia to London . I spent time in London discovering places I have never been . Eventually I had to go back to Birmingham . I walked to train station and I had almost hour until my train so I got some food and coffee. But as time passed so quickly I decided to buy a book to read on my journey back. While I was choosing what book I want to buy I missed mytrain. These things never happen to me. I bought another ticket and got in the next train to Birmingham. Of course like me I always sit in the last couch but as I set down man on the speaker was saying that only first 4 couches goes to Birmingham so I got up and walked to one of the first couches. I was already tired from the journey so I just wanted to sit down and read a book. The one I bought while I was waiting for the train. As I got on the third couch if I remember correctly I saw free seat in front of this guy but I didn’t say anything I just put my bag on the racks above the seat and I just set down in front of him . I saw him looking at me but he didn’t say anything. So I just put in headphones and started to read. I was trying to read it but I was distracted. I couldn’t concentrate, I was reading one page over and over again. And then from nowhere this guy who was sitting in front of me asked: ‘’what are you reading ‘’ and that’s how all of this started . Just because of one silly book .
I remember I blushed while he was talking to me, there was something about him . I think that was his beautiful smile, big brown eyes ,long curly hair or maybe just the good vibes that made me feel like nothing around us is important we were there in the moment. We talked, laughed and listened to reggae as cheesy as it sounds but I felt like in movie. Time passed and he had to go, we exchanged numbers and we knew that we will meet again. He hugged me and got of the train ,even then he was looking and smiling while he was walking away.
So of course we met again and again. Those were few wonderful weeks in my life considering the fact that he told me already in the train that he is living soon . He had to go back to Cyprus to finish his studies . He was in England only for a year as Erasmus student , but even when I knew that he is going back in few weeks I still spent almost every day with him. I tried to keep my distance because I thought that would make everything easier when he leaves ,but that didn’t work . As more time I spent with him I realised that I actually going to miss him .
He is the most talented musical I have ever met , I could listen him playing guitar day and night ,forever.
We knew this wasn’t the right time for us, he was going back to finish his studies and I had my life in Birmingham- job, home,friends and family . But still we were thinking how it would be if I moved to Cyprus and just start new page in my life . This thought didn’t go away .
When he left we talked every single day but that still wasn’t enough so I decided to go visit him in Cyprus ,because I realised that live is too short to regret and better to take risks then think ‘’what if’’ .
This journey thought me a lot , we had some ups and downs ,we argued but still I had amazing time . I fell in love with the place and him.
Just before I had to go back to England we got in to this big argument about us realising that this won’t work out and we really tried ,maybe I didn’t try hard enough and that was the problem. We will never know .
But I know that I will never forget him ,he will always stay in my hurt as a part of my journey in my life ,I’m really glad I met him but sometimes it’s better to move on and see where life takes you . 
That was amazing experience and I wouldn’t have it any other way but sometimes these things don’t work out , just the timing wasn’t right and if it was meant to be we will meet again one day .‘’It’s better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.’’
// Alfred Lord Tennyson //

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time .

With love!

// Wonderseeker //

26 thoughts on “Life is a beautiful journey

  1. We all have our lives, and we have the things and the experiences that we accumulate, and sometimes we want more of the good and less of the bad, or we see that others seem to get more good things or more bad things than us. But one day we must step back and see that it’s not what we had or didn’t have, but instead that we were there to have any experiences at all.

    A lovely post. Thank you.

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