DIY moon dream catcher


Hey guys,today I will show you how to make your own dream catcher. I will well you step by step how to make it  and I also added a video with this DIY, you can follow the steps here or you can just watch the DIY video. What is easier for you. Enjoy.


You will need these following materials:

  • Super glue or glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Metal hoop
  • Beads
  • Peace shaped or different pendant
  • Ribbon
  • Leather ribbon
  • Thread
  • Feathers

       First you will start with taking your metal hoop and wrapping around the leather ribbon. Make sure you use glue to stick the leather to the hoop to make it easier to wrap it around.

When you are done don’t forget to make little hanger , If you want to hang your dreamer on your wall or anywhere else.

Then you add some black beads to make it look better.

When that’s done you take your thread and start making the moon shaped middle . / as you can see in the video /

On the top of the moon you tie up peace pendant.

When the middle of the hoop is finished you start adding lace ribbons and leather ribbons.

We are almost done just need to add some beads on the end of each ribbon.

On the end of each ribbon where you have the beads you just put in feathers. Stick them in with the glue.

If you want feel free to add some glitter magic to your dreamers. That’s what I usually do because I love glitters.

Here is our Etsy shop if you are interested to purchase some dream catchers , feather crowns or dream catcher earrings. – buy online moon dream catcher

And you can also find us on Instagram. dream catcher

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time .

With love!

// Wonderseeker //


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