Lamala Design

Lamala Design is handmade clothing brand with geometrical animal design! This amazing clothing brand is based in Latvia, Riga but they also have online shop where you can purchase their designed shirts. They have so many different animal designs like unicorns , aries, wolf, deer, dog, owl, bear, fox, turtle, Christmas edition, cat and much more. … More Lamala Design

365 new chances

Another year has gone and it’s time to start a new chapter. If I look back to 2017, it was full with so many different emotions. Positive and not that positive, love and heartbreaks . I know everything happens for a reason and in the end I will be okay. I’m okay. I’m happy. I had a chance to … More 365 new chances

Gorilla Coffee Cafe

Hello my lovely reader, today we will wonder more around Birmingham . There is lots of great places in Birmingham , you just have to go and explore. If you are not from around here then maybe my previous posts will help you ! Here is some of my favourite places in Birmingham: Kitchen Garden … More Gorilla Coffee Cafe